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Terms of Use - Investfora

Effective as of January 1. 2021

1. Agreement

The contract represented by these Terms sets out your rights and responsibilities when you use, our mobile applications and/or any other services provided through the Investfora platform (collectively referred to as the "Services"). Using any of the Services constitutes your acceptance to these Terms. If you do not agree to these Terms, you may not use any of the Services.

2. Changes to the Terms

These Terms may be subject to change from time to time. If we find these changes to be material, we will inform you through the Services and/or by email. You are responsible for reviewing and becoming familiar with any changes made to these Terms. Using the Services following changes to the Terms constitutes your acceptance of the updated Terms.

3. Access to the Services

No one under the age of 13 is allowed to use or access the Services. Individuals in the European Economic Area must be over the age required by laws of their country to use the Services. By using the Services, you state that:

If you are accepting these Terms on behalf of another legal entity, including a business or government entity, you represent that you have full legal authority to bind such entity to these Terms.

4. Privacy Policy

By using the Services you're agreeing that we can process your data in the ways set out the Privacy Policy.

5. Intellectual property

The Services are owned and operated by Quasar AS. The computer code, graphics, design, data, products, services and all other elements of the Services ("Materials") provided by Quasar AS, through the Investfora platform, are protected by intellectual property and other laws. All Materials in the Services are the property of Quasar AS. For all the Materials not granted expressly in these Terms, Quasar AS reserves all rights.

6. No recommentations or advice

By using the Services you agree that the Services and Quasar AS may in no way be held responsible for any financial loss or gain from investment decisions made based on information found on the Services. Any information, recommendations and/or tips uploaded to the Services is entirely provided by the public and does in no way what so ever reflect the views or interests of the Services, Quasar AS, anyone associated with the Services or any third party. By investing in securities, portfolios of securities, funds, financial instruments, currencies, cryptocurrencies or any other assets found on the Services you risk losing everything. The Services does not provide investment, legal, tax or any other advice. No content found on the Services should be considered as a recommendation, an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy on behalf of, Quasar AS, anyone associated with the Services or any third party.

7. Group owners and administrators

The title of group owner and/or administrator is an unofficial voluntary position to any registered users of the Services. Quasar AS can not be held responsible for any actions made by group owners or administrators, and does in no way what so ever represent Quasar AS or the Services. We reserve the right to revoke owner and administrator positions for any user, for any reason or no reason, at any time.

If you choose to become a group owner or administrator you agree that you will take appropriate action to monitor the group activity with respect to these Terms and our Content Policy. You may create and enforce rules of groups, provided that such rules does not conflict with these Terms or our Content Policy. You may not enter into any agreement with a third party on behalf of Quasar AS without written approval. You may not perform any group owner or administrator actions in return for any form of compensation, gift or favor from third parties.

You are not, and may not act as if, you are authorized to to act on behalf of Quasar AS or the Services.

8. Content

Text, links, photos, videos, audio, streams, information, reviews or other materials (“Content”) may be found on the Services. This includes Content submitted to the Services, or created on the Services, by you ("Your Content"). Quasar AS does not take responsibility, or guarantee the reliability or truthfullness, of any Content. We do in no way support, endorse or represent any Content.

When submitting Your Content to the Services, you alone is responsible for it. You may expose yourself to liabilities if you submit and share content to the Services without all necessary rights. By submitting Your Content to the Services you warrant that you possess all necessary rights, power and authority to grant the rights to Your Content contained within these Terms.

When submitting Your Content to the Services you grant Quasar AS a worldwide, royalty-free, irrevocable, transferable, non-exclusive license to distribute, store, display, use, copy, modify, adapt and prepare derivative works of Your Content along with any username, name, voice, image or likeness provided in connection with Your Content in all media formats and channels now known or later developed anywhere in the world.

Quasar AS have no obligation to monitor Your Content. We may for any reason or no reason, at any time, remove Your Content from the Services, including for violating the Terms or our Content Policy.

You may voluntarily provide Quasar AS with suggestions, ideas and feedback. You agree that Quasar AS may use such suggestions, ideas and feedback without compensation or obligation to you.

9. Advertisements and third party content

The Services may contain advertisements and third party sponsored content. You agree that we may place advertisements in connection with the display of Your Content or any Content.

The Services may contain links to third party content, products, websites or services ("Third Party Content"). Third Party Content may be display on the Services by advertisert, our partners, our affilates or submitted by our users. Quasar AS is not responsible or under control of any Third Party Content. Your use of Third Party Content is on your own risk.

10. Termination

We may terminate or suspent your Account, membership status or ability to access or use the Services at any time for any or no reason, within the fullest extent permitted by law. When submitting content to the Services you are to follow the rules set out by our Content Policy. Failure to do so may result in a termination of your account without the need to provide a reason.

You may at any time terminate these Terms for any or no reason by deleting your account and discontinuing the use of the Services.

Updated October 3. 2021