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What are cookies and how does Investfora use them?

Cookies are text files that websites store on your computer or mobile device when you visit the website. These are used so that sites like Investfora can remember information about your visit. In the following notice the term "cookies" will also include similar technologies such as local storage.

"First-party cookies" are cookies set by the site you are visiting, in this case "Third-party cookies" are cookies such as those who provide analytics, advertising services or interactive content on the site.

The Investfora first-party cookies includes functionally necessary cookies, cookies used for analytics and performance monitoring to help improve the site and functional cookies.

Functionally necessary cookies

The following cookies are categorized as functionally necessary and is required for site functionality and security. If these cookies are blocked by your browser, all or parts of the site may cease to function.

Cookie Purpose Expires Stores a session token used as a part of the process of validating your logged in user. 6 months
Analytics and performance monitoring cookies

Investfora uses cookies to help count page visits and site usage in order to improve the website and mobile app experience. All such cookies are anonymized and can not be traced back to you.

Functional cookies

These cookies are used to store your preferences, such as your cookie policy options. These cookies are not functionally necessary, but you may have to set your site preferences and settings for each page visit.

Controlling cookies

Your browser provides you several controls to help you manage cookies for sites you visit. Several browsers provides you with tools to view, delete and block cookies from selected or all sites. Below are external links to guides for some of the most popular browsers:

iOS and Android devices include settings which lets you control whether advertising partners can use information about your app activity for advertising purposes. Search for a setting called "Limit Ad Tracking" on iOS. Equally, you can search for a setting called "Opt out of Ads Personalization" on Android devices.

Privacy policy

You can find the privacy policy here.